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Sanibel island is the perfect place to go for an island getaway. With it's soft white sand, expansive beach, swaying coconut palms, lush tropical foliage and beautiful crystal blue water, half of Sanibel Island is set aside as natural habitat. The largest is J.N. "Ding" Darling Wildlife Refuge, which welcomes visitors and is home to over 200 species of birds and many other animals. There are numerous bike trails to enjoy the wildlife.

Sanibel Island is located off the coast of southwest Florida, just west of Fort Myers, Florida. The Island measures roughly 12 miles long and three miles across at its widest. Sanibel Island has two main roads that parallel each other. Periwinkle Way, located at the four-way stop immediately past the Visitor Center, is the main thoroughfare. West of the causeway, it leads to the island’s shopping and dining district. Follow it east and you’ll pass a quieter commercial section, ending up at the Sanibel Lighthouse and its beach. Gulf Drive, the other main route, roves past resorts, beaches, and homes at the water’s edge. It is segmented into East, Middle, and West Gulf Drive.